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Examinations & Post-Operative Care for Cataracts

Cataracts are a natural clouding of the eye’s lens that happens with age. While cataracts happen to nearly everyone as they age, vision can often be fully restored with lens replacement surgery.

Cataracts can develop slowly over the course of several years, or they might come on in just a few months. Symptoms may include blurry or foggy vision, poor night vision, and muted or dull colour vision.

Visit us for a comprehensive cataract evaluation, to find out if cataract surgery is a good option for you, and to learn how we can support you before and after your procedure.

What to Expect in Your Cataracts Exam

During our routine eye exam, we can identify whether you have cataracts.  However, a more in-depth evaluation, including dilating your eyes and performing diagnostic imaging may be needed.

In your cataract evaluation, we’ll have you read an eye chart to assess your visual acuity and find your current prescription with our Reichert Automated Phoropters. We will also dilate your eyes and view the inner structures to ensure they are healthy.

We may use our Zeiss Cirrus 6000 Optical Coherence Tomographer to create both high-definition cross-section as well as topographical images of your retina.

Cataract Surgery: What to Expect

In the early stages of cataracts, it may be possible for you to adjust to vision changes with an updated glasses prescription. However, if your cataracts are impacting your daily life, including your work, your safety, or your hobbies, we’ll likely recommend cataract surgery.

Ophthalmologists travel to Whitehorse approximately every 6 weeks to perform cataract surgeries. If you need cataract surgery in both eyes, we’ll wait for your first eye to recover before you have your second procedure.

Supporting You Before & After Surgery

When you decide to get cataract surgery, we’ll be here for you before surgery and while you recover.

Before Surgery

We may advise you stop taking certain medication in the days before your surgery if they will increase your likelihood of bleeding. We will prescribe antibiotic eye drops if needed.

You may be asked not to eat or drink for 12 hours before your procedure.

Your cataract surgery will take an hour or less to perform and you can go home shortly afterward.

You’ll receive anesthetic eye drops to numb your eye, and dilating drops to widen your pupil. You also have the option of a sedative to help calm you, as you’ll be awake during the procedure.

Your surgeon will remove your cataract, most likely with a process called phacoemulsification, which allows them to break apart the cataract and remove it through a tiny probe. Another method to remove the cataract requires an incision so the cataract can be removed in one piece.

Next, your surgeon will implant an artificial lens, and your surgery is complete.

You’ll see us for follow-up care a day or two after your surgery, and then again the following week and a month afterward.

Expect to see improvements to your vision within a few days of surgery, though it’s normal for your vision to be a bit blurry as you continue to heal. Full healing takes around 8 weeks.

At your follow-up appointments, we will check whether you’re recovering as expected and help you deal with any discomfort following surgery.

You may need to wear glasses once your eyes have healed. We can assess your new prescription once your vision has stabilized.

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